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Expo Releases the MiniEPS for Environmental Protection applications

Expo Releases the MiniEPS for Environmental Protection applications

Mini EPS 2The MiniEPS is the latest product from Expo, and aimed at non-hazardous applications that need pressurization.

Equipment and panels installed in dirty & dusty environments, or with corrosive atmospheres escaping from the process, tend to suffer from that material getting at electrical contacts and vulnerable components. It is very hard to stop panels ‘breathing’ through heating & cooling cycles as equipment is switched on/off or simply through day & night operation. That breathing allows the external atmosphere to get inside the equipment, and if that atmosphere brings dust & corrosion, then problems will ensue.

The MiniEPS is a very neat solution to that issue. It is a small pressurization controller that manages a low bleed of compressed air or inert gas into a cabinet. It will maintain a slight pressure of around 1.25 mbar (0.5in. WC) inside the panel with respect to external atmosphere, capable of up to 100 Nl/min (3.5 SCFM). This is sufficient for a well sealed industrial panel of up to 7cu.m (250 cu. ft).  The product is designed with the associated safety functions required for a pressurized system:  an integrated over-pressure relief valve and an external alarm/visual indicator – safety features that few home-grown systems are likely to have.

As a complete package, MiniEPS easily covers these angles without detailed engineering requirements and comes at a very affordable price.  Now there is no reason to suffer from problems with panels & equipment breaking down through external contamination – if you have access to an air supply (2-7 barg / 30 – 100 psig) you can easily prevent corrosion, premature failures and shutdowns!

More to the point, the MiniEPS does all this while maintaining your hard-won IP66 / NEMA 4X panel rating!

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