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Expo to build its largest, most complex enclosure

Expo to build its largest, most complex enclosure

This custom nitrogen purged & pressurized enclosure will enable optimisation of a new ethylene production process inside a laboratory. This process heats ethylene beyond its ignition temperature.

Expo’s enclosure features:

  • 3m x 3m x 2m: the largest enclosure yet built by Expo, custom designed for this application.
  • Enclosure splits horizontally: designed to fit through an existing set of doors at the clients factory, without incurring additional building costs.
  • +/- 2mm manufacturing tolerances: tight integration with the clients process unit framing, for direct assembly in the laboratory.
  • Nitrogen purging: capable of handling potential release of material above auto-ignition temperature.
  • Door interlocks: doors stay locked on power failure, until the auto shutdown procedure completes and hazardous material is removed.
  • Bursting discs: designed to automatically vent into a blow-down system under catastrophic failure conditions.

Traditionally, such a pilot plant would require a freely ventilated external construction. The Expo nitrogen purged enclosure enables that pilot plant to be built inside the laboratory, safe and securely accessible for process optimization.