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In a Nutshell – The History of Expo Technologies

In a Nutshell – The History of Expo Technologies


It was just over 60 years ago, in 1954 that Peter Nissen founded Telektron. The company specialized in the manufacture of rotary valve actuators for use in the precision control industries.

Six years later Telektron started to provide remote and automatic control systems for Steam ship’s engines. These control systems for ship’s engines were supplied on most of the Royal Navy’s steam-powered ships.

As result of the success of the rotary actuator line in 1971 Telektron came up with a friction-free pneumatic valve. Keen to expand their specialist knowledge in the field of hazardous areas, they entered the UKs emerging offshore gas and oil industry in the North Sea in 1976.

In the same year, Andy Owler, an international expert in Purge and Pressurization techniques founded Expo Safety Systems, another company designing niche items to help engineers dealing with electrical equipment being installed into hazardous locations.Expo’s first product a purge and pressurization system the LCA50 provided protection for electrical equipment being installed in hazardous areas and in 1978 Expo obtained the first third party certificate for a purge system for the LCA50.

1993 – 1999

Expo Safety Systems also invested a great deal of time and money on research and development and by 1993, they had developed the successor to the LCA50 the MiniPurge range of products. Telektron had also decided to focus on hazardous area products and in the same year they sold off their actuator business to be able to devote themselves to developing these types of products.

By 1995 the two companies had set up operations in the United States and three years later Telektron acquired Expo Safety Systems and the company became Expo-Telektron Safety Systems, the world’s most extensive supplier of Purge and Pressurization systems and hazardous area solutions.

The expertise and talents of both companies merging together positioned Expo-Telektron Safety Systems to better serve its extensive customer base.

2003 – 2008

In 2003 the company was keen to embrace a new brand image and they changed their name to Expo Technologies. Their core values of innovation, creativity, quality, reliability and service were reflected in this new brand image.

A year later they celebrated 50 years in business by inviting members and clients from all over the world to celebrate with them with a conference and night of celebration.  Customers, partners, and employees from four continents joined in the celebration.

In 2007 Expo was awarded an IECEx certificate for their purge systems.  With this certificate Expo became the first and only purge manufacture in the world to have a system certified to the IEC standards.  Expo also was the first to have a single system certified to the IEC, NEC, and ATEX standards giving the unit Tri-Certification.

A year later the company opened a manufacturing base in the United States and in 2010 they were awarded the Brazilian certification INMETRO on the MiniPurge and MIU range of products.

2012 to Date

Expo Technologies opened its’ new world headquarters in the United Kingdom in 2012 and are now based in Sunbury-on-Thames. In 2014, Expo Technologies celebrated 60 years in the business of providing safety products and services to their loyal customers.  For the 60th Anniversary of the company Expo once again invited there customers, partners, and employees to celebrate the occasion.  This time guest came from every continent with the exception of Antarctica.

Expo Technologies are the market leader in the supply of Purge and Pressurization systems within the global market and their expertise enables them to provide tailor-made solutions for their customer’s needs.  Whether your application is standard or one of the most complex the EXPO team will take up the challenge and create the solution. All of their products are certified and approved to national and international standards.

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