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Presenting the Expo Technologies’ New Brochure

Presenting the Expo Technologies’ New Brochure

Who is Expo Technologies?

We are the market leaders in the supply of Purge and Pressurization systems, which are approved and certificated to national and international standards.

In 2014 Expo Technologies celebrated 60 years in business. We began in 1954 as a company called Telektron, founded by Peter Nissen. Twenty years later we supplied almost all of the Royal Navy fleet with control systems for the engines of their steam-powered ships. We then developed friction- free pneumatic valves and entered the UK’s emerging offshore oil and gas industry.

In 1976 Andy Owler founded Expo Safety Systems, international experts in Purge and Pressurization techniques and by 1978 Expo had developed and certified the first ever Purge and Pressurization system the LCA50 range of products.  In 1993 they introduced their MiniPurge range products. In the same year Telektron decided to focus solely on the Hazardous area products and sold its actuator business.

In 1995 Expo Safety Systems opened a USA operation that provided sales and technical support to the customer base in that region.  Telektron established an office in the USA later that same year.

Both companies continued to produce new and innovative products throughout the nineties and in 1998 Telektron Hazardous Area Products and  Expo Safety Systems joined forces and became worldwide leaders in the supply of Purge and Pressurization systems and Hazardous area solutions. This included the successful development of a system for large electronic motors.

A new name and an image that reflected the Expo brand was produced in 2003 when the name Expo Technologies was adopted by the entire company. A year later we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Since then Expo Technologies has gone from strength to strength, consistently producing new designs and innovations to improve safety in hazardous areas. Our head office is now based in Sunbury-on-Thames.

What does Expo Technologies do?

Expo Technologies’ Purge and Pressurization systems are designed to prevent explosive dust or gases entering a space that contains an ignition source. Our Purge and Pressurization enclosures  isolate the hot or sparking equipment from the flammable environment by ensuring a constant, slight, overpressure of clean dry air. The purge system can be bought off the shelf or tailor made, while the enclosures can be tailor made to fit your specific requirements..

A typical example of a tailor-made Purge and Pressurization enclose can be seen here on a time lapse You Tube video. Expo were required by a chemical company based in Germany to produce an enclosure which could fit through their factory doors. Expo came up with a design that could be dissembled to get through the doors and then re-assembled in a hazardous type 2 area.

Our New Brochure

We have recently produced a brand new brochure.

Highlighting our products and services in the field of Purge and Pressurization for Hazardous areas and featuring a timeline visual of our company’s journey, view our digital brochure.

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Expo Technologies provides products, service, design and support in all fields of Hazardous areas. Whether you require an enclosure, a mini purge system or an accessory, you can rely on the expertise and knowledge that over 60 years of innovation has produced.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.