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Purge & Pressurization Systems NFPA 496 IECEx ATEX INMETRO

Purge & Pressurization systems prevent electrical equipment igniting hazardous gas and dust.  Expo’s equipment has approvals under NFPA496, IECEx, ATEX and INMETRO schemes, for both gas and dust hazards.

NFPA 496 Purge & Pressurization Applications for North America

Purge  Purging & Pressurization systems enable you to protect electrical equipment in hazardous locations.

  • X-purge systems: install any equipment in  Class I/II Division 1 locations;
  • Z-purge systems: install any equipment in  Class I/II Division 2 locations;
  • Y-purge systems: install Division 2 approved equipment in Class I/II Division 1 locations.

From our US base in Twinsburg, OH, Expo delivers:

  • Motor Purge Systems;
  • Enclosure Purge Systems;
  • Room Purge systems;
  • Consultancy & Design advice.

IECEx ATEX INMETRO Purge & Pressurization Applications for Rest of World

IEC Ex, ATEX, INMETRO certifications are required in Europe, Australia, Brazil (INMETRO) and the rest of the world. These certifications all require similar capabilities.

The European ATEX directive prevents countries using safety concerns to protect local suppliers.  In effect, ATEX requires hazardous area operators to adopt the latest safety standards, e.g. the IEC standard.

Hazardous Gas

For regions requiring IEC standards,  Expo uses:

  • IEC 60079-2:2007 Equipment protection by pressurized enclosure “p”,
  • IEC 60079-13:2010 Equipment protection by pressurized room “p”.

If the electrical equipment or motor inside the enclosure is not certified for hazardous areas, then:

  • Ex px: equipment used in Zone 1:
  • Ex pz: equipment used in Zone 2.

For Zone 2 approved electrical equipment or motors, which is less common, then

  • Ex py:  Zone 2 approved equipment used in Zone 1.

Dust Protection

For regions requiring IEC standards, Expo uses:

  • IEC 61241-2 Protection by pressurization of enclosure.

This applies to electrical equipment used in Zone 21 and Zone 22. Equipment that meets this standard is marked:

  • pD: