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Pressurization for Rooms RP Max Z

Expo's room pressurization unit enables your room to meet Zone 2 IIB CAT 3 ATEX -  IEC 60079-13 - Equipment protection by pressurized room Expo Room Pressurization

Protects an accessible room  in a Class I Div 2 or Zone 2 hazardous area. RP Max-Z  Ex pz room pressurizing units provide:

  • North America: Type Z Class I Div 2 Gp C&D room pressurization – NPFA 496 2008;
  • Rest of World: Zone 2 IIB CAT 3 ATEX –  IEC 60079-13 – Equipment protection by pressurized room “p”.

An TFTC or ATEX/IEC Ex  fan draws in clean, uncontaminated typically through an 24ft, 8m high inlet stack.  The units maintain a slight positive air-pressure in the room, compensating for:

  • normal air-leakage
  • leakage when someone opens a single or double-width door.

Common applications for Expo’s Room Pressurizing units include:

  • Workshop;
  • Rest Room;
  • Analyser House;
  • Operator Room;
  • Local Switch Room;
  • Refuge for emergencies.

Benefits of RP Max Z Room Pressurization

Expo Room Purge and Pressurization, to NPFA 496 2008, IEC 60079-13:2010 Equipment protection by pressurized roomIEC 60079-13 NPFA 496 Room Pressurization

No false alarms when door opens: Unit speeds up to maintain positive air-pressure

  • High Rate Ventilation: 0.3m/sec, 60fpm;
  • Certified Fan Motor: ATEX Ex II 2G C II B T3 or NEC TFTC;
  • Non-sparking construction

Efficient Air Handling:  no wasted energy :

  • Automatic fan speed control.
  • 10 second delay avoids dumping air.

Clean Fresh Air:  easy changeable and effective filters. Options:

  • Sand Trap: prevent ingress of dust or sand in, e.g. desert locations.
  • Additional filtration devices.


  • Low pressure
  • System Fault, e.g. Fan Failure
  • Audible Alarm

Integrated with plant-wide fire and gas systems. External inputs to:

  • Shuts down fan, e.g. in case of gas detection;
  • Force high air-flow rate, e.g. to clear gas ;

Circuit Protection:

  • Motor protection
  • Control circuitry protection.


  • Visual display of room  pressure.

Options for RP Max Z Room Pressurization

Expo's easy to install Class 1 Div 2, Zone 2 Room Pressurization UnitsCertified NEC IEC ATEX, INMETRO Room Pressurization Units

Entrance: Ventilation capacity for single or double door

  • 1 door: 3000 m3/hr, 1800 cfm,  ventilation capacity;
  • 2 door: 5000 m3/hr, 3000 cfm,  ventilation capacity;
  • Higher ventilation capacities available.

Mounting arrangement:

  • Through wall mounting;
  • In-room  mounting;
  • With or without fire damper;

Operating Temperature Range:

  • Standard: -20ºC to 40ºC, -4ºF to 104ºF;
  • High Temperature:  +60ºC, +140ºF

Inlet stack style: 

  • Direct intake, no stack;
  • Stack intake, 2 metres, 6ft, height;
  • Stack intake, 8 metres, 24ft,  height;
  • Custom;

Enclose Material:  

  • Standard: Polyester powder coated mild steel
  • Option: Stainless Steel.


System for Pressurizing Rooms


RP Max Z Manual


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