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Z Type Dust Protection 1ZDP/BP/**

Purge Type Dust Protection Type Z
Area: Class II Div 2, Zone 22 Equipment Content: Unclassified
Purging Action Pressurization only Maintains positive pressure, compensates for air leaks from enclosure
Enclosure Size Unrestricted depends on air leakage from enclosure
Mounting Style Back plate Mounts externally on the enclosure wall. Minimal piping.
Alarm Output Integral Switch – IS or NI Volt free, Dry contact
Z Type Dust Protection unit for any enclosure depending on leakage, Maintains positive pressure, Back Plate Mount on enclosure wall, minimal piping, for Unclassified equipment in Class 2 Div 2, Zone 22 location. 1ZDP/BP/**

Z Type Dust Protection Operation

Install uncertified electrical equipment in a Zone 22 or Class II Division 2 area.

Operate dust protection units as follows:

  1. Prior to operating the electrical equipment, international regulations require operators to clean the enclosure and remove accumulated dust;
  2. Then operators can start the Dust Protection unit, which prevents hazardous dust entering the enclosure, by monitoring and maintaining a minimum pressure of 0.5” water column.

Z Type Dust Protection units’ provide clear status indications:

  • Green – Pressurized: And, the unit energises the remote output. The pneumatic option (/PO) goes high. The volt-free contact option (/IS) is closed. The /IS is for use with other intrinsically safe or non-incendive control equipment;
  • Red – Pressure fail:  either failure to achieve pressurization or loss of pressure. The remote output is de-energised, i.e. /PO option gives no output, and /IS contact option is open.

Z Type Dust Protection Features

Z Type Dust Protection units are:

  • Complete with:
    • Control unit (CU): Pneumatic logic to monitor and control air-flow and pressure. It also controls the system output i.e. the pneumatic signal or volt-free contact closure.
    • Relief valve (RLV): Over-pressure protection for the enclosure.
  • Certified:
    • ATEX: IEC/EN 61241-4,
    • cFMus: NPFA 496,
    • IECEx: IEC/EN 61241-4,
    • INMETRO: ABNT NBR IEC 60079-2.
  • Output Options: Specifiy
    • /IS: Intrinsically Safe (I.S) output – Dry contracts for switching non-incendive or intrinsically safe circuits;
    • /PO: Pneumatic Output – “Alarm” OK is at main supply 60 psi 4 bar;
  • Manual or Automatic:
    • Can be manually controlled, based on pressurization status;
    • Or interfaced to other automatic control systems.
  • Back Plate Mount: mount control unit on Top, Side or Bottom of pressurized enclosure.
  • Corrosion Resistant: 316L stainless steel enclosure and fittings.
  • Space, Time and Money Saving:
    • No interconnecting pipework,  as control unit mounts on the enclosure;
    • Gain maximum use of internal space within enclosure.
  • Accessories: MIU interface units, which provide isolation, e.g:
    • MIU/dA: Driven by the pneumatic signal, this external enclosure, rated Ex d IIC T5, contains a 4-pole contactor for power, and a SPCO dry contact for alarm.

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