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X Purge & Pressurization 1XCF/SS/PO

Purge Type X air or inert gas
Area: Class I Div 1, Zone 1 Equipment Content: Unclassified
Purging Action Continous Flow Same flow rate during and after purge
Enclosure Size up to 60 cu ft up to 0.67m3
Mounting Style SS316L Box Mounts externally on the enclosure wall. Can mount remotely to the enclosure
Alarm Output Pneumatic Outputs 2 barg, 30 psi signals for pressure OK purge complete
Air or inert gas, X Purge & Pressurization unit for enclosures to 17 cu.ft, 0.39 cu.m, Continuous Flow, SS316 Box Mounting, Pneumatic Alarm outputs for uncertified kit in Class 1 Div1, Zone 1 location.1XCF/SS/PO


Just connect an MIU (MiniPurge Interface Unit) for power and alarm switching, and install your uncertified equipment in a Class I Div 1, Zone 1 hazardous area.

A continuous flow of compressed air or inert gas  purges hazardous gases from the enclosure, then,

Maintains a positive pressure to prevent hazardous gas creeping into the enclosure.

X-Purge units are fully:

  • Automatic:
    • Timers and control signals  apply and disengage power depending upon conditions reported by the purge system.
  • Complete with:
    • Control unit;
    • Spark arrestor;
    • Relief valve.
  • Certified:
    • ATEX,
    • cFMus,
    • cULus,
    • IECEx,
    • INMETRO.

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