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SmartPurge II

Purge Type X  inert gas or air purge
Area: Class I Zone 1, Zone 1, Zone 21 Equipment content Unclassified
Purging Action Programmable: leakage compensation or continuous flow
Purging Explained Either high flow rate during purge and compensation for leakage afterwards or same flow rate during and after purge
Enclosure Size up to 187 cu ft up to 5.3m3
Mounting Style SS316L Box Mounts externally on the enclosure wall. Minimal piping.
Alarm Output Two selectable alarms + auxiliary inputs Alarms: Two single pole 1A, 250V AC1
Smart Purge II: Inert gas or air purge unit, Quickly Purge large enclosures to 5m3 due to high air-flow capacity, leakage compensation or continuous flow, Field programmable, Configurable outputs, Robust. SmartPurge II Controller


The SmartPurge II is our most advanced purge unit.  First it purges the enclosure of hazardous gas, then maintains a positive gas-pressure preventing hazardous gas entering the enclosure.

Install uncertified equipment in Class I Zone 1, Zone 1 hazardous areas. The SmartPurge II features:

  • Universally Applicable: Leakage compensation or continuous flow purging;
  • Quickly Purge: Reduce downtime, due to high air-flow capacity:
    • Leakage Compensation 110-510 NI/min, 3.9-19.1 cu ft/min;
    • Continuous Flow: 10-510 NI/min, 0.35 – 19.1 cu ft/min.
  • Field Programmable:
    • Field program timers and control signals to connect & disconnect power depending on purge system status via interposing relays. Relays rated up to 6A at 250 VAC or 5A at 30 VDC.
  • Configurable inputs/outputs
    • Two selectable alarms;
    • Auxiliary inputs for override keyswitch, door switch, or intermediate pressure switch.
  • Purges Large Enclosures: up to 5.3 m3 187  cu ft.
  • Robust: 316L Stainless Steel construction, for:
    • Offshore;
    • Corrosive environments.

The SmartPurge II is easy to install. It is:

  • Complete with:
    • Control unit;
    • Spark arrestor;
    • Relief valve.
  • Universal Mounting: easy to integrate into existing or custom enclosures:
    • Mount controller with its integral purge outlet in any orientation.

What’s more, the SmartPurge II is easy to operate:

  • IEC 61508 Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2
  • Wide Temperature Range:
    • -20°C or -4°F, to
    • +60°C, 140°F.
  • Universal power supply:
    • 90-254 V AC or 11-28 V DC.
  • Certified:
    • ATEX;
    • FM USA;
    • FM Canada;
    • IECEx.

SmartPurge II Additional Components

When ordering, select the appropriate system components:

  • Cable Glands – SP2-GK: Select the most suitable cable glands for your hazardous area application. IECEx and ATEX certified cable glands supplied separately to the SmartPurge II controller unit.
  • Digital Valve – SP2-DV: This intrinsically safe device switches between purge-flow and leakage compensation.
  • Continuous Flow Kit: SP2-CF: For Continuous Flow applications. This is suitable for low flow rate applications. e.g. Cooling, or  diluting hazardous gas generated inside the enclosure, requires a continuous air flow.

SmartPurge II Optional Accessories

Choose from the following optional accessories to enhance your system:

  • Remote LED – SP2-RL: Intrinsically safe tri-colour LED provides Purge system status at a remote location.
    • Mounts in 22mm hole.
    • 2m 6ft cable attached
    • Stainless steel bezel.
  • Remote Panel – SP2 RP: 
    • LCD and 4 navigation button duplicates status & operation of SmartPurge II system up to 50m, 150ft from main control unit;
    • Password protected override function;
    • Intrinsically safe;
  • SmartPurge Interface Unit– SIU: Flameproof interface for switching higher loads or additional signals.
  • Override Switch SP2 – OS: Key-operated override switch, panel mounted, to bypass SmartPurge II Controller output signal.
  • Splash Cover SP2 SC: Protects output valve from direct water jets.

Data Sheet: