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Cabinet Vortex Cooler: AVC 0000 001/003/009

Cabinet vortex cooler: cool pressurized enclosure using compressed air. 300W 1023 BTU/hr cooling capacityCabinet Vortex Cooler

Cool pressurized enclosure using compressed air.

  • Remove heat generated by equipment inside the enclosure;
  • Operate equipment in high ambient temperatures;

Cabinet vortex cooler benefits:

  • High cooling capacity: 300W, 1023 Btu/hr at 100psi 7 barg;
  • Unique one-way valve: Prevents leakage from the vortex exhaust when cabinet cooler not operating;
  • Precision Temperature Control: Position remote electronic temperature sensor to precisely control temperature at a point inside the enclosure;
  • Operates in all orientations: If cold air check valve is rotated to vertical. Extension pipes are available;
  • Temperature limited exhaust: (T4);
  • Highly reliable: no moving parts.
  • Mount anywhere:  on any pressurized enclosure wall;
  • Easy installation: one complete assembly.

Cabinet vortex cooler requirements:

  • Air Supply: 60-100psi, 4-7 barg. 25 scfm, 708 Nl/min at 100psi 7 barg;
  • Max Outside Temperature: 130 C
  • IP40: enclosure or better.

Part number for cabinet vortex cooler  depends on power supply:

  • AVC-000-001: 230 Vac 50/60Hz;
  • AVC-000-003: 24 Vdc;
  • AVC-000-009: 110 Vac 50/60Hz;

Data Sheet: