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Purge and Pressurization

Purge and pressurization units are used to provide explosion protection for electrical equipment installed within hazardous locations, and also protection from dust ingress in general industrial applications. Expo has a full range of systems suitable for gas and dust hazards, covering enclosures from control cabinets to large HV motors and analyzer rooms. We can also design custom enclosures and obtain certification for hazardous area applications of your own equipment fitted with our purge & pressurization product.

  • Motor Purge

    Motor Purge

    Expo Motor Purge systems provide explosion protection on large motors for use in hazardous areas.

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  • Pressurized Rooms

    Pressurized Rooms

    Expo Pressurized Rooms systems are designed for protecting rooms that are installed in the Zone 2 or Class I Division 2 areas.

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