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Case Study – Purge and Pressurization Enclosure

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Case Study – Purge and Pressurization Enclosure

Watch the Expo Technologies team in action in this time-lapse You Tube Video, demonstrating 5 weeks of work in just 2 minutes.

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Client/ Company

Our client is a major producer of fine and speciality chemicals in Germany, who chose Expo Technologies, for the following project.


A small scale ethylene pilot plant purged with nitrogen within the company’s factory premises.

The Challenge

To design a purge and pressurization enclosure to house the ethylene pilot plant, which could be dissembled to fit through the factory doors and be re-assembled in a Zone 2 hazardous area.

The Solution

The purge and pressurized enclosure was designed to separate into two parts, so that it could pass through the factory doors. The purge system was tailor-made for the enclosure and included features such as:

  • Over-sized valves to accommodate low-pressure supply
  • Automatic change-over of purge gas to a secondary supply
  • A 2 hour purge timer

Additional features included an internal heat exchanger and a reactor vessel, which operate at 600 DegC and 300 bar. Due to the high temperatures and pressures the reactor vessel is at risk of being above its auto ignition temperature, meaning contact with O2 would result in spontaneous combustion. Therefore in the event of any rupture or major process line failure, the reactor vessel is protected by a N2 blowdown system. The initial quotation for the design and development of the Purge and Pressurization plant was presented to the client by Expo Technologies in 2013 and the order was placed in May 2014. After 6 months of working closely with the client in order to overcome some of the challenges involved in the scheme; a detailed design and development plan was accepted. purge_and_pressurization_case_study In January 2015 the completed unit was delivered to the customer over a period of 5 weeks, after passing the Factory Acceptance Test in December 2014.

The Plant

The Expo Technologies team used more than 80 sheets of technical drawings in the design of the purge and pressurization system. Parts included 52 door locks, 276 stainless steel bosses and 40m of door seal gasket, as well as three 26mm thick laminated glass windows.

Customer Benefits

A custom designed system with enhanced safety features, which allows the client to safely produce ethylene in a laboratory environment within a Zone 2 hazardous area.