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Data sheet: Cabinet (Vortex) Cooler Assembly

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Data sheet: Cabinet (Vortex) Cooler Assembly


Expo Technologies Cabinet Cooler provides cooling for pressurized enclosures using compressed air. Cooling is required either to remove heat generated by the contents of the enclosure, or to compensate for high ambient temperatures.


  • One complete assembly, quick and easy to install.
  • Specifically designed to cool pressurized enclosures.
  • Unique one-way valve prevents leakage from the vortex exhaust when the cabinet cooler is not in operation.
  • For mounting in any wall of the pressurized enclosure.
  • The Cabinet Cooler has a remote electronic temperature sensor. This can be positioned as required to achieve maximum customer control.
  • Operates on 110-230 V AC after the purge has been completed and power has been applied to the enclosure. Option 24 Vdc.
  • Hot air exhaust is temperature limited. (T4)
  • No moving parts, giving high reliability.