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Data sheet: MiniPurge Accessories

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Data sheet: MiniPurge Accessories

Customise your Expo MiniPurge System with our cost effective and installation time saving accessories. Consult Expo Technologies for additional details.

Panel Mount Flange

A typical Expo Technologies Adapter installation – here used by a manufacturer of gas separators – employs a NEMA 4 enclosure and Allen-Bradley’s Panel-View® interface.

Top Mount Kit

Engineered for the Integral Mounting of Size 1X MiniPurge Models with Standard dA Type MIU (MiniPurge Interface Unit). Designed for ease of installation. Supplied with Fittings as shown. Specify p/n KMP-2600-000.

Wall Mounting Bars

llows for Size 1X MiniPurge Models to be remote mounted on walls. Uses rear mounting screws of control unit enclosure. 316L Material.

Specify p/n IWM{1). Also available for Size 2X [p/n
IWM(2)] & Size 3X [p/n IWM(3)].

Sizes Length Width Depth
/WM[1] 230mm 20mm 6mm
/WM[2] 290m 20mm 6mm
/WM[3] 410mm 20mm 6mm

Stainless Steel Fittings Kit

For connecting the Outputs of MiniPurge Control Units to any MIU (MiniPurge Interface Unit). Qty 4-316SS fittings for 1/8″ OD Tubing (Note: Tubing pictured above is supplied by others). Specify p/n STSKIT


IP66 Hinged Cover Kit for improved ingress protection. Shown on model 07 1ZLC/pm/IS. Includes “0” Ring Seals for each Visual Indicator. Specify p/n KMP-2000-040.

Heated MiniPurge enclosures for temperature to -50oc

Low temperature housing for MiniPurge systems. Suitable for minus 50 deg. C operation.Installed with D758/6PP type system in photo. Available for all MiniPurge Control Unit Models.

Please consult Expo for details.

Protective cover for visual indicators

Protector for Visual Indicators. Installed on Mini-X-Purge in photo. Optional for very rugged and demanding service conditions. Specify p/n ACV-P000-001.

Override Switch for MIU

Mechanical/Pneumatic Override Switch with key available for all sizes of MIU (MiniPurge Interface Unit). Switch is factory installed on the MIU. Specify p/n /MO (Note: l’he complete MIU part number is also required.)

Leakage Compensation Hok-Up Kit

Designed for the convenient connection of the Relief Valve & Control Unit (Flow Sensor) on all MiniPurge and SAU/ Mini-X-Purge models. 5 ft. (1.5m) length.

Mini-X-Purge CF “Alarm Only” Module

Designed for Mini-X-Purge Continuous Flow (CF) systems only, the “Alarm Only “function alerts user when pressure is lost while still supplying power to the protected enclosure. Factory fitted. Specify p/n AO. (Note: The complete CF MiniPurge part number is required).

Override switch for MIU

Mechanical/Electrical Override Switch with key mounted in an Explosion Proof enclosure. Designed for use with all sizes of Mini-X-Purge systems. UL approved. Supplied loose.

Override Switch EX DE IIC

Mechanical/Electrical Override Switch with key mounted in an Increased Safety enclosure. Supplied loose. Specify p/n MO (BOX).

Universal Mounting Bracket

For use with Z purge Continuous Flow (CF) systems. This option conveniently provides for mounting the Relief Valve (RLV25) and Spark Arrestor (SAU25) in one location. It is also designed for remote mount off the purge enclosure. 316L SS material.

Specify p/n S0024/219.