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On-Site Commissioning Repair Maintenance

Expo Technologies offer a wide range of On-Site services to all end users of our products. A highly trained team of experienced specialists provides a worldwide service dedicated to ensuring continuous operation of the products. Amongst the services provided are:


During the installation process the On-Site Services team can offer technical advice and supervision to ensure that the system is installed correctly and in accordance with all relevant safety standards.


Although the set-up procedure and working parameters are clearly outlined in the manuals, the correct procedure is paramount to the safe operation of the system and essential to compliance with the safety standards. To facilitate this process the team are able to provide the specific technical expertise necessary to establish the correct parameters and confirm safe working. It is also possible at this stage to adjust the system parameters in accordance with customer requirements, allowing for greater customisation of a “standard” system.


Expo Technologies products and systems can be upgraded by the On-Site Services team at a customer site, without significant disruption to operations; this may be done for a variety of reasons:

  • Replacement of obsolete or legacy equipment; a full retro-fit of an up to date system can be carried out which will bring the hazardous area protection up to date and ensure it is compliant with current regulations.
  • Product improvements due to advancements in technology, equipment updates or improved performance.
  • Changes in standards can cause the requirements for a piece of equipment to change, an upgrade may be necessary to ensure compliance.

Repairs and Servicing

Repairs and routine services are all carried out by the On-Site Services team and can be achieved in 3 ways:

  1. line support which consists of expert help and advice provided over the phone or internet.
  2. line support involves a service visit; a member of the On-Site Services team will visit the customer site and repair the equipment in situ.
  3. line support, in the event that the repair cannot be effected on the customer site, the equipment can be repaired at the Expo site.