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Hazardous Area Equipment Certification Services

Expo Technologies’  Certification department is made up from highly experienced practical engineers with extensive knowledge of the design, manufacture, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of equipment for use in worldwide Hazardous Locations. The department works closely with the Engineering Solutions team to ensure that Expo Technologies’ products comply with the certification and requirements relevant to its final destination. This experience coupled with the comprehensive knowledge of international industry standards and certification processes allows the department to provide a wide range of consultancy services including:

  • Assessment of customer applications for use in potentially explosive atmospheres followed, if applicable, by support in designing an appropriate solution.
  • Liaison with the appropriate notified and certification bodies allows the attainment of required certification in an efficient, cost effective manner.
  • Verification and testing of equipment to assess conformity and provision of all the required documentation including Declarations of Conformity.
  • Validation to international standards including: IECEX, ATEX, NFPA, CSA along with other standards and certification bodies.
  • Bespoke Hazardous Area training for the application of Ex Standards and associated principles.
  • Hazardous Area equipment and site surveys.

Expo Technologies have experienced significant success in the field of Consultancy and Certification supplying the expertise and products that contribute to the safe operation of many of the world’s leading industrial complexes.

The department have experience working within a wide variety of diverse Hazardous Areas around the world. Consultation and certification services are regularly provided for: offshore oil and gas platforms, oil transportation tankers, oil refineries and other sectors within the petrochemical industry. The Consultation and Certification team frequently work within the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, industrial manufacturing and marine industries, providing essential advice to allow these sectors to work, not only safely, but in a manner which is compliant with the appropriate International Standards.

It is this extensive experience, exceptional technical proficiency and comprehensive understanding of international standards that allows the Consultancy and Certification department to not only act as intermediaries between the customer and the certification bodies, but also to provide world class advice; bringing the customer substantial benefits such as reduced schedules, reduced time to market and the subsequent significant cost savings.