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Training Programs

Expo offers provide training in all areas of our product base:

  • Standards & Directives, know the requirements
  • Installation, method, certification issues
  • Commissioning, adjustments, settings, certification compliance
  • Scheduled servicing, maintenance, calibration, function tests
  • Repair, fault diagnosis, analysis, remedial actions

Standards & Directives

It is essential that any product designed with the intention of being utilized in a hazardous environment, that the relevant standards have been applied to the design for compliant certification issue. Through this course Expo provides you with guidance through this very often-confusing subject.


Hopefully you are considering using an Expo product and would like to know more about identifying the right product for your application. Would you like to know how certification compliance requirements are established? How are compliance requirements finally applied to your design to ensure trouble free certification issue?


Initial applications may present some unexpected problems when finally installed with the end user. This course is designed to help you Identify, accommodate and resolve most problem issues that may occur in the final stage of your project.

Scheduled servicing

It is essential to maintain compliance with certification. Find out through practical training about basic system testing and re-calibration to maintain certification compliance of your protected apparatus. This course gives practical experience of calibration testing, adjustment procedures and function tests but does not include fault diagnostics and repair.


As servicing but a more adventurous excursion into how to identify system faults and take the correct action to put things right, without invalidating the systems certification. This is a practical course, which provides insight into most of the problems that may be encountered, how to locate the problem and how the problem should be resolved.