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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Buffer Zone

Buffer Zone


Working with a world leading reciprocating gas compressor manufacture to develop a better solution for inert gas buffering

Project Brief

While the customer could develop In-house solutions to inert gas buffer injection, it distracted their engineers from core activities and increased the risk of holding safety certificates in non-core technology.

As an existing supplier of purge systems for the drive motors they already used, Expo was asked to develop a cost effective N2 buffer system solution to overcome problems of bad design, poor value for money, and lack of hazardous area certification with currently available products. .


  • While Hazardous Location standards are well known by the Expo team, API-618, a standard used by most compressor manufacturers, had to be studied and translated into a design specification. 
  • Modifying of existing MotorPurge technology to adapt to the higher pressures and lower flow rates in the N2 Buffer
  • Designing a modular and compact product capable of being built to the client's specification, specifically:
    • Single or Dual distance piece compressors
    • Accommodating all machines from 1 to 10 cylinders
    • Sour gas protection when compressing gas with high hydrogen sulphide (H2S) content

The most comprehensive N2 buffer product solution on the market. Via 3 modular designs we have met the requirements for all reciprocating compressors requiring compliance to API-618. The range has been standardised, and is available worldwide from Expo and its distibution network.

Expo Capabilities, Products and Services
  • Active sales channel management across the value chain. Bringing greater value to our clients by understanding their client’s needs better
  • Using the Expo Consultancy’s broad experience to interpret a new standard and define a product specification. And to secure the required markings on completion.
  • Expo engineering team, rapidly adapting to client requirements and design innovative solutions to industry problems.
  • Adapting our existing manufacturing technologies and processes to a new product line.

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