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Simplifying Complexity.
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Go with the flow

Go with the flow


Working with a large motor manufacturer in Asia to develop a motor purge system with a very high leakage compensation capacity.

Project Brief

The need arose when this customer experienced higher leakage rates on their motors. The standard Expo system did not have sufficient leakage compensation (LC) capacity to compensate for this extra leakage, so we were required to develop a system with an additional ‘Redundant Leakage Compensation Valve’, to add further capacity to the standard CLAPS system by supplying additional air when the enclosure pressure drops below a set point.



Based on the standard footprint of the size 7 motor purge system, Expo's engineers needed to: 

  • Accomodate additional hardware within the existing system enclsoure

  • Develop a new logic manifold to control the additional functionality



The outcome was a new size 7 Purge system (7X) with a separate 2" output for the RLCV. This allows the customer flexibility in distributing air to different locations around the motor enclosure. The system incorporated new logic to activate the RLCV when necessary due to low enclosure pressure. 


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