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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Hazardous location camera systems


Working with an OEM and integrator of industrial camera systems to develop a hazardous area solution for use on drilling platforms and rigs.


Overview & Project Brief

While explosion proof CCTV cameras are readily available, the monitoring systems are often installed remotely in safe areas. In this case the client wished to develop a monitor/server system that was suitable for locating in both Class I Div 1 & Class I Div 2 (CID1 & CID2) hazardous areas. 


  • The standard monitors, servers & enclosures used for the operator interface of the system were not hazardous area rated. 
  • Within the standard enclosure there was only a limited space to add additional purge and pressurization hardware.
  • Users required good visibility of the purge and pressurization system’s status when the platform or rig was in operation.
  • Working with the system OEM, Expo advised on the required enclosure designs, not only on space but to ensure the enclosure would be sufficiently leak tight for purge & pressurization 
  • For both CID1 & CID2 options, the purge systems (Type-X & Type-Z) were panel mounted on the rear of the monitor/server enclosure, but the purge status indicators were relocated to the front panel, along with other operator controls & indicators.
  • Solution was compliant and met hazardous area requirements and specifications
Expo products and services
  • Type X and Type Z purge and pressurization systems - modified to give remote status indication
  • Enclosure design consultancy to advise the client on system layout
  • Certification consultancy to review assembly for compliance to codes and standards

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