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High Fibre

High Fibre


Working with an OEM specializing in the manufacturing and fabrication of fibre optic connectivity products and systems. Customer services a variety of industries, including Avionics, Industrial and Medical. 

Project Brief

To design and engineer Ex certified enclosures for fibre optic communication and termination in marine and offshore applications. The environment at the installation site is rated Zone 1. This is another part of the project we covered earlier as “Well Connected” 



Develop aenclosure design, based on an original general purpose configuration, that could be certified for hazardous location use. 

Internal components, which included fibre optic connection and transmission equipment, did not need to be Ex rated but had to meet requirements in IEC 60079-28 codes and standards (Protection of equipment and transmissions using optical radiation) 

Epoxy coating on interior and exterior surfaces of the enclosures to ensure protection against conditions of an offshore environment (i.e., salt air, sea spray, wind, etc). 



IEC Ex approved, IP66 enclosure with internal chassis plates for fibre optic components.

Environmental epoxy coating as per project specifications. 

IECEx Ex op pr (Optical Radiation) certification for Zone 1 


Expo Products and Services

Custom enclosure design and build. 

Consultancy service to support third-party certification to required Ex codes and standards. 

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