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Thinking big

Thinking big


Working with a world leading HV (High Voltage) motor manufacture to provide the power and torque required to drive a large reciprocating compressor used in the manufacture of LDPE.

Project Brief

To increase the purge flow rate of the Expo MotorPurge systems from 14,000 Nl/min to 28,000Nl/min to deal with large motor housing (98m3) and short purge time to allow for rapid start-up of the process.



Design a control unit that can both provide the exceptionally high Purge flow volumes and leakage compensation volumes while maintaining tight pressure controls inside the motor during its various operating phases.

  • Purge Flow: 14,000 – 28,000 in 1000 Nl/min increments

  • Leakage Compensation:5,000 Nl/min

The Purge Outlet had to be redesigned to deal with higher flow rates and account for fault conditions of the larger control unit, safely venting any excess compressed gas in the event of a failure mode as per IEC 60079-2

Update the ATEX & IECEx technical files and submit for a Notified Body to obtain Zone1certificate within the tight timescales required by the client.



Successfully doubling the capacity of our MotorPurge product range and achieving full compliance to the required standards within the client’s timeframe


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