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Ausbildungsdienste für Ausrüstung

Equipment Service Training

Expo Technologies offers a range of training courses from basic hazardous area familiarisation to in-depth product maintenance.

User training

This is ideal for customers who are new to hazardous area protection generally, and purge and pressurisation in particular, who wish to gain familiarity with Expo equipment. The training covers the basics of hazardous areas, the various protection methods that can be used, and provides a full introduction to Expo’s purge and pressurisation systems.

User training can be carried out at customer facilities or Expo’s worldwide facilities.

Maintenance training

We run courses for Expo agents and distributors requiring more in-depth knowledge of the maintenance and service of Expo products to provide support to their local customers. Courses are offered at 3 levels, from basic technical competence enabling simple problem diagnosis, through system commissioning & testing, to advanced troubleshooting and system rebuilds.

Each Level includes theory and practical instruction, followed by a test. Tests must be successfully completed before the individual receives Expo accreditation, which is valid for 3 years.

Maintenance courses are held at Expo’s UK headquarters in Sunbury on Thames.


Please contact Expo to discuss your particular training needs.

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