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Energieerzeugung und -verteilung

As the power generation industry moves away from coal to natural gas and towards low carbon sources, such as biogas and hydrogen, Expo is well placed to respond to the emerging hazardous area applications and challenges. 

Traditional hydrocarbon sources are moving to locations with more extreme temperatures and distribution infrastructure is expanding, for instance pipelines from the Russian Federation into Europe, requiring more and larger compressing capability.

Biomethane generation is developing rapidly, as is hydrogen for mobility, often through local, small scale projects. In some geographies, fracking technology is being widely deployed. 

Typical applications for Expo products in Power Generation & Distribution include:

  • Gas pipeline compressors
  • Large motors and generators                                                                                    
  • OEM gas analyser systems for pipeline quality assurance                            
  • Gas power plant generators                                                                                    
  • Flare-stack control systems and combustion monitoring                              
  • High voltage transformer protection                                                                    
  • H2 and biogas manufacturing processes and distribution infrastructure     

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