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Simplifying Complexity.
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Oil and gas platforms use many Expo products

Expo Technologies has been working with the Upstream Oil and Gas sector for more than 5 decades. In an industry where the potential for a major incident is ever present, Expo understands that 100% performance of safety systems is of paramount importance.

Additionally, this sector presents a unique set of challenges:

  • Harsh and remote offshore environments, often with extremes of operating temperature, that tests systems to their limits.
  • Equipment reliability is critical to avoid unnecessary maintenance or extremely costly downtime.

Thousands of our purge systems perform reliably year after year, with minimal intervention, at hundreds of locations around the globe. As the industry has moved into more extreme environments, Expo has responded by developing special systems that are certified for low- and high- temperature operation.

Typical applications for Expo products in Upstream Oil and Gas include:

  • Large Ex e or Ex p electric motors & generators
  • Electrical control panels
  • Fire and gas panels
  • Gas analysers
  • Drillers consoles

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