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Wasser & Abwasserbehandlung

Water treatment facilities present operators with a range of risks - working around deep water and in confined spaces, plus the hazards associated with biological and chemical contamination.   

There are significant risks caused by the process itself. Many stages of the treatment process, such as digestion and sludge drying, can generate methane or flammable dust. As a result, plants must undergo risk assessments and, potentially, hazardous area zoning. Provision must, therefore, be made to mitigate any explosion risks in line with local regulations. This may include installing certified equipment.

 Additionally, corrosive treatment chemicals such as chlorine and sulphur dioxide can damage the plant systems and instrumentation, causing high maintenance costs or plant stoppages.

Expo’s purge and pressurisation systems provide ideal solutions to both risk areas.

Typical applications for Expo products in Water and Wastewater include:

  • Hazardous area protection of pump motors                                                      
  • Hazardous area protection of electrical control panels                                 
  • Environmental pressurisation of electrical control panels      

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