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Simplifying Complexity.
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Control systems enclosure for aviation fuel test facility


Working with a global aircraft manufacturer on control enclosures for a fuel test facility



The client is a multi-national manufacturer of large aircraft. They operate a wing design and development centre, where aviation fuel is used to test the wing fuel system performance under simulated flight conditions. Because of the highly flammable nature of jet fuel, the test area is classified as Zone 1. Several purged and pressurized (Ex p) controls enclosures have been installed, one of which is now in need of replacement due to corrosion.


Project Brief

Replacement of a badly corroded mild steel enclosure with an exact copy in stainless steel, permitting the retrofit of the existing contents.


  • The original painted mild steel enclosure had been in place for many years. Over that time, modifications from the original Expo design had been made that needed to be captured and included in the new design
  • When operating, the facility is classified as Zone 1.
  • The panel is located in an outside environment, exposed to the elements, and, potentially, aviation fuel vapour.
  • Having reviewed the original project, Expo engineers carried out a site survey to assess the current enclosure and record changes from the original system design
  • A new 316L stainless steel enclosure was fabricated
  • The X-purge system was refurbished and reused
  • The customer carried out the task of transferring the electrical systems from the old to the new enclosure.
  • Expo certification engineers recertified the completed project


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