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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Specialist surface finishing systems


Working with a manufacturer of automated industrial surface preparation systems develop a hazardous area solution.


Overview & Project Brief

The client manufactures a range of robotic surface preparation systems that are used to prepare large surfaces prior to the application of special paint and coatings. Due to the requirements of a particular end-user, they needed to develop a hazardous area solution for use in a Class I Division 1 (CID1) environment.


  • The standard systems were not originally designed with hazardous area duty in mind. 
  • Each system comprised a robot arm, with 10 camera and control enclosures in varying sizes, each requiring explosion protection.
  • To meet code requirements for CID1, the solution would need to include the means to isolate and control power to the system.
  • The project needed to be completed in a very short amount of time
  • While it may have been feasible to apply other protection methods to some elements, purge & pressurization was recognised as the only practical solution for the entire system.
  • Expo has extensive experience in developing purged & pressurized solutions for similar robotic applications, where a series purged approach is the best solution.
  • A minipurge system configured to provide a suitable flow rate across all 10 camera and control enclosures in series - this requires specialist knowledge to ensure sufficient flow at the final enclosure outlet, while not over -pressurizing enclosures at the beginning of the "chain".
  • A customised interface unit was integrated with each system to provide electrical power isolation, as required by the applicable standard, NFPA496.
Expo products and services
  • MiniPurge type X with continuous flow
  • Customised MiniPurge Interface Unit
  • Engineering consultancy to advise the client on system configuration & settings for series purging


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