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Simplifying Complexity.
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Enclosure Certification Service

Enclosure Certification Service

In addition to the design and manufacture of Purged and Pressurised enclosures, Expo can provide an IECEx or ATEX Certification service once the enclosure has been populated by the panel builder.

Our Certification Engineer works with the customer through the following steps, to make sure the design is compliant with the Expo’s Schedule of Limitations (SoL), ensuring successful project completion. The SoL defines the scope of what can be certified under Expo’s populated enclosure certificate and is broad enough to cover most applications.

Step 1 – Client provides documentation

The client provides Expo with the following: Hazardous Area requirements, Bill of Materials, general arrangement drawing, electrical schematic, component datasheets, plus Hazardous Area certificates for any certified components.

Step 2 – Expo reviews documentation

With the provided documentation, Expo will review the design and identify any technical problems that may delay the certification process. Expo will issue a snag list with all issues that need resolution.

Step 3 – Client resolves open issues

The client can now resolve any problems and provide additional or updated documentation, as required. If necessary, Expo can provide support to find the appropriate solutions.

Step 4 – Client populates the enclosure

The client is responsible for completing the assembly of their equipment into the Expo enclosure in accordance with the documentation supplied, ensuring all snags are resolved before the next step.

Step 5 – Expo inspects the fully populated enclosure

An Expo representative performs an inspection to verify the equipment has been installed in accordance with the documentation and any Hazardous Area requirements. Depending on the application some tests may be required, for instance thermal, overpressure or leakage.

Step 6 – Expo issues Certificate

Providing all open issues are resolved, and after customer approval, Expo will issue the IECEx or ATEX certificate and certification labels to be applied to the enclosure.

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