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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Automation and Control

The widespread use of automation across many manufacturing industries brings clear benefits in terms of efficiency, costs, and quality.  Further developments enabled by emerging technology such as universal robots, the Internet of Things and low-cost / low-power wireless networking will continue to drive automation into new areas.

Within hazardous areas though, automation presents new and widespread challenges. While some parts of any system can be located in a safe area, distributed elements such as sensors and local controllers will need appropriate hazardous area certification. 

Expo works with end-users, OEMs and system integrators to develop solutions for these challenges. In many cases, standard equipment can continue to be used, with Expo providing protection technology and certification. Find out about the breadth of applications in our Case Study & Applications sections

Broadly, applications split into 3 main areas:

Control panels

Generally this includes applications where standard non-certified equipment is required to be used in hazardous areas, frequently due to the non-availability or the cost of certified equipment. Typical examples include motor control panels, PLC/DCS panels, fire system controls, computer & printer workstations. Most applications are straightforward with a purged and pressurized solution, although thermal management can be a consideration in some cases.

If you are a Panel Shop, and build panels for hazardous areas, then read more about how Expo can help.     

Gas and liquid analysers                                                                                                              

The complexity of analyser applications typically depends on the type of sample being analysed - systems analysing non-flammable samples are generally straightforward, while flammable samples may present additional challenges. Expo has a huge range of experience in this area - read more here.


Robotics are a vital part of the modern engineering industry. They are used to automate processes and increase productivity, and they are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Industrial robots are capable of performing complex tasks with precision and accuracy and may be used in hazardous environments, with suitable protection. Purge & pressurization is the most appropriate protection method, and Expo has developed a range of purged & pressurized solutions for robot arms. See our Case Study area for more details - select "Robotics" from the drop-down menu.