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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Hazardous area solutions for gas and liquid analysers

If you are an analyser manufacturer wishing to develop hazardous area systems, then Expo can help you find the right solution and navigate the complexities of certification

What are the challenges?

Analyser manufacturers who see hazardous areas as a potential market typically have a choice: to develop products from the ground up to comply with regulations and standards in their chosen markets or to adapt existing safe area products.

The former option is often feasible for simpler systems and higher production volumes, where initial costs can be amortised over large volumes of products. However, more complex and bespoke systems, for example, flammable gas analysers, often require a custom approach to adapt the product, with assistance from specialist companies like Expo Technologies.

Not all analysers are equal

Broadly, analysers can be segmented into two categories - those with, or without, flammable sample flows. In terms of protection by purged & pressurized enclosure, different approaches are required for each category: 

- For analysers dealing with non-flammable samples - when no component in the sample exceeds the lower flammable limit (LFL) - then the system can be protected by purge and pressurization in much the same way as other electrical equipment, and can generally be certified by Expo under our populated enclosure certificate. 

- For analysers dealing with flammable samples - when a component in the sample exceeds the LFL - then the system will require assessment by a Notified Body. Potentially additional safety features will be required within the Ex p solution, such as flow limiting, internal partitioning, a specified dilution flow of air, and, sometimes, an additional gas or vapour detector. In these cases, in addition to designing & building the purged enclosure, Expo can assist the client in their dealings with the Notified Body, to ensure as smooth a certification process as possible.

Expo's experience

Expo has wide experience across the analyser sector, both liquid and gas, and you can read some recent case studies here:

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