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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturers invest huge sums in drug research and development. Once a formulation moves to volume manufacture, product quality and repeatability between batches is critical, and throughput must be maintained.

Expo supports pharmaceutical manufacturing through the design and manufacture of integration hardware for process analytical technology (PAT). Working with OEMs and end users, Expo helps enable PAT for critical real time process monitoring for both product development and large-scale manufacturing.

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Additionally, many pharmaceutical manufacturing processes use large quantities of flammable materials, both powders and liquids. Hence hazardous area technologies are required widely across facilities, from incoming bulk material handling, through processing equipment, to packaging and labelling.

For analytical equipment such as portable spectrometers, computer workstations and label printers, protection by purge and pressurisation (Ex p) typically using enclosures is an ideal solution. 

Typical applications for Expo products in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing include:

  • PAT probe holders and sampling systems                                                           
  • Hazardous area protection of process control and on-line analytical systems  
  • Hazardous area protection of computers and printers

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