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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Supporting Hazloc Panel Shops

However long you've been part of a Panel Shop Program, Expo can help 

Expo has been working with hazardous area equipment manufacturers for more than 6 decades - we've built more than 17,000 purge systems and 2,500 pressurized enclosures - so we're not exaggerating when we say we are experts in Purge & Pressurization.







Purge & Pressurization

This protection method offers many advantages over other concepts - since general-purpose electrical equipment and enclosures can be used, it makes system design, assembly, and commissioning simpler. Safety is greatly enhanced, as this is an active protection method – if there is a loss of enclosure pressure an alarm or shutdown will result. This is typically not the case with other protection methods, where hazards may go unrecognized.

Expo's range of Purge & Pressurization systems includes units that are suitable for Type X, Y & Z protection and can protect enclosures up to 240 cu.ft. in volume. All systems carry a wide range of certification, including UL listing (E190061) and FM (1X8A4AE)  giving you immediate compliance in the USA.  Other certifications available as well, giving easier access to other markets.

In addition to purge & pressurization systems, we are experts in pressurized enclosures. Using standardized building blocks and automated configuration & design tools, we can deliver you tailor-made, Type 4X UL listed (E47737) enclosures within weeks. And we can include whatever custom features you need - gland plates, switch cut-outs, mounting plates, windows etc. We can also take care of thermal management with a range of cooling or heating options.