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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Development of a mobile spectrometer cart

Mobile spectrometer for hazardous areas


Working with a leading integrator of process spectrometers to develop a mobile solution for a pharmaceutical application


Production of pharmaceutical small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) entails the use of reaction vessels and complex piping systems for the delivery and control of reactants, and discharge of the finished product. Residual API must be removed from the system before they can be released for use in the manufacture of another material.
Vessel cleaning entails the introduction of wash solutions or solvents into the vessels and piping. Typically, samples of the rinse solution must be removed from the system and taken to the laboratory for analysis of the residual API content in the rinsate. This greatly slows the cleaning process while adding to the laboratory test burden. Hence an in-situ analysis solution gives significant benefits in both cost and time.


Project Brief

The client, Clairet Scientific, identified a specific model of safe area UV spectrometer that was most suitable for detecting these trace API residues. However, as many pharmaceutical production areas are classified as hazardous areas, a certified solution was required to permit in-situ deployment and validation of the cleaning. Additionally, for flexibility within the manufacturing area, a mobile solution was preferred.


  • Develop a mobile Ex p enclosure suitable for housing the Zeiss spectrometer
  • Minimise modifications to the spectrometer, but still permit adequate internal purging
  • The system would initially be certified for ATEX Zone 2, but might require updating at a later date to Zone 1
  • Expo designed and built a mobile Ex p spectrometer cart with lockable, anti-static wheels, purged & pressurized by Expo's SmartPurge II. The system could easily be moved between production locations, simply connecting to power and instrument air at each location, and initiating a relatively short purge sequence.
  • Ventilation to the spectrometer unit was improved through mechanical modifications that did not impact its function.  
  • After enclosure manufacture at Expo, the spectrometer and other peripheral components were integrated at the clients facility. Expo then carried out a remote inspection prior to issuing ATEX Zone 2 certification under our Populated Enclosure Certificate.


Expo products and services
  • Custom design & engineering resulting in a bespoke mobile Ex p enclosure.
  • Purge, pressurization and power control through the SmartPurge II.
  • Consultancy & Certification services to inspect and issue the final certification of the completed installation.

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