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Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Room pressurizer system for mining application


Working with a client to develop a pressurized room solution for a dusty, non-hazardous location



The client operates an open-pit coal mining operation. While the location is classified as non-hazardous, the environment is extremely dusty and the protection of control room staff and equipment needed to be addressed. 


Project Brief

To provide a pressurized room solution that would improve employees working environment by providing clean, filtered air, and extend the life of equipment such as computers and control systems.


  • The mining activity created an extremely dusty environment, made worse by heavy vehicle movements and conveyor systems
  • The control room was not effectively sealed against much of the dust.
  • Expo evaluated the room and recommended a standard single fan room-pressurizer system with a capacity up to 1,800 cfm of airflow. While intended primarily for hazardous locations, the system provides highly effective air filtration & room pressurization for non-hazardous applications such as this.
  • Working with the client, and referencing hazardous area standards such as NFPA496, improvements were made to improve the sealing of doors and windows, to increase dust-tightness and the ability to hold the slight over-pressure.


Expo products and services
  • Wide experience of room pressurization applications, codes & standards. 
  • An extensive range of room pressurization systems for hazardous & non-hazardous locations.

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