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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Expo and Coomtech partner to develop new powder drying technologies

Today, Expo Technologies (, a 60-year-old UK based leading manufacturer of process equipment announced it has selected Coomtech ( as its technology provider to work with Expo’s pharmaceutical division. 

'reduce energy consumption, reduce emission and reduce waste'

Said John-Paul De Beer, CEO Expo Worldwide ‘The pharmaceutical business has been looking to improve efficiencies in the manufacturing of medicines, and in particular tablets.  Currently the industry operates an inefficient and wasteful batch manufacturing process.  A key barrier to improvement has been the granulated material drying stage, where traditional batch drying systems have become standard and restrictive.  Working with Coomtech’s innovative and highly flexible constant flow drying technology, not only can the industry finally address this bottleneck, but it can also reduce energy consumption, reduce emission and reduce waste’.
'significant improvement to the way solid materials are dried'
Said Phil Doherty, CEO Expo Pharma and former R&D senior manager at Pfizer, ‘We selected Coomtech as our technical provider as their new technology brings a significant improvement to the way solid materials are dried, which has been a challenge area in pharmaceutical production for some time.  With the drive to improve efficiencies in the manufacturing line, this area needed some fresh thinking.  The Coomtech technology is significantly more efficient than current drying systems, is less complex and it is really easy to work with.  The technology is also flexible, allowing for exact sizing and production rates to be achieved, in line with emerging Continuous Manufacturing paradigms.


'we invite organisations challenge take the Coomtech Green Challenge'

Said Philip Jarvis, CEO Coomtech Ltd ‘We feel very fortunate that such a well-established organisation as Expo recognised our innovation capabilities and selected us to be their technology provider and partner.  Having initially targeted the cement sector, where we reduce some 80% of emissions, we have always known that we can bring similar improvement to many other sectors.  The pharmaceutical sector is certainly a very exciting addition for Coomtech and further proof of the flexibility of the technology.  We recognise that sustainability is of great importance to many organisations, but that it also needs to be financially viable.  The Coomtech improvement delivers cost, energy and emissions reductions to a wide variety of sectors and we invite organisations to take the Coomtech Green Challenge, to see how much they too could reduce costs and emissions.

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