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Preparations for Brexit

Preparations for Brexit
2020 has been a challenging year for all of us and this will now culminate with the end of the transition period of the United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union as of 1 January 2021.
Expo Technologies has been preparing for this moment over the past two years to ensure that we are able to guarantee a continuity of supply regardless of the outcome from the political negotiations.
We have remained involved with our trade association Gambica who in turn are represented in Orgalime to ensure that our products remain certified in both the UK and all EU member states. To this end we have taken the following actions:
- All of the Expo and Expo client certificates have been transferred, and are now held with a notified body that has EU registration.
- We have opened a subsidiary in the Republic of Ireland and will be using this as our `authorised representative’  in the EU in order to place ATEX certified products in the market from July 2021 as per the transition requirements.
Logistics has been another major concern. We are taking steps to register our company and products for preclearance using the SmartBorder system for our OEM clients already using this. 
All other shipping requirements have been reviewed with our freight forwarders and we remain confident that air freight capacity out of the UK will be sufficient for our needs. Where you as a client are concerned about your freight forwarders capabilities, we welcome you getting in touch where we could provide services other than EXW and take over the logistics aspect on your behalf.
Additionally, we have been working with our suppliers, to ensure their preparedness for components coming out of the EU. Where we have identified unacceptable risks, we have increased our internal stockholding as appropriate. As a result, we are currently holding on average three months manufacturing stock to see us through any near-term logistical issues.
Expo remain committed to ensuring the uninterrupted supply of our safety critical components through this period of uncertainty. 
Kind Regards
John Paul De Beer
Managing Director

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