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Electro-Pneumatic Power Supply (EPPS)

IECEx, ATEX & UL certified intrinsically safe power supply for purge and pressurization system electronic timers


  • Alternative to Expo's standard IS battery
  • Delivers IS power from compressed air
  • Long life, maintenance free
  • IECEx, ATEX & UL certification

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Expo’s Electro-Pneumatic Power Supply (EPPS) is a revolution in the development of Intrinsically Safe (IS Ex ia) power supplies. Designed as a direct replacement for Expo’s standard IS battery pack, the EPPS is a factory-fit option to power the electronic timer in Expo motor purge and pre-ventilation systems.

Driven by small quantities of compressed air, it generates power only when needed in the purge cycle, minimising impact on air consumption, reducing maintenance requirements and giving an exceptionally long service life.

EPPS should be specified at the time of order. Field retrofit may be possible in some circumstances - please discuss with Expo's Service Department.


Air Inlet
Instrument quality air, 2-4 barg
Temperature range
Operating temperature range -50°C to +65°C
Power output
9VDC, 0.13 W (continuous)