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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Fully Custom Enclosure Service

Some projects call for special shapes and sizes of enclosures, non-standard features or very special applications, and may also require input from a Notified Body during the design phase or final certification.

With Expo’s fully custom process, a dedicated engineer will work with you to develop exactly what you need and agree on a detailed budget and project timeline with milestones. As this is a highly flexible service, we can adapt the plan if your project requirements change.

Depending on the scope, we can work with your team to install and integrate your equipment and hold factory acceptance testing for final sign-off

After the enclosure is populated and tested, Expo can manage the certification process directly, or work with a Notified Body if the scope falls outside of Expo’s populated certificates. 

Typical applications for Fully-Custom Enclosures

Expo has designed, manufactured and certified hundreds of enclosures for applications such as:

  • Complex electrical control panels
  • Drillers control panels
  • Hazardous gas and liquid analysers
  • Motor control / VFD panels
  • Extra-large / multi-section panels

Take a minute to see us build a very large enclosure in time-lapse.

Time lapse of Expo enclosure and purge system building

Fully Custom Enclosure Service
  • Certification Guide
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Certificates

Certification Guide

Expo offers the following populated certification options within its Fully-Custom Enclosure service. Note that some certifications will require assistance from Notified Bodies.

Type of Protection
Hazardous Area
Enclosure Contents
Purge & Pressurization
Ex p
BS/EN/IEC 60079-2
Zone 1 & 2
Zone 21 & 22
All Class/Divisions
All Class/Zones
General purpose equipment with no special certification.
Increased Safety
Ex e
BS/EN/IEC 60079-7
Zone 1 & 2
Class I Zone 1 & 2
Equipment certified for appropriate zone
Restricted Breathing Ex
BS/EN/IEC 60079-15
C22.2 No 213
Zone 2
Class I Zone 2
General purpose equipment with low power dissipation
CEC only
Protection by Enclosure
Ex t
BS/EN/IEC 60079/31
C22.2 No 25
Zone 21 & 22
Class II, Div 2
General purpose equipment with no special certification.
(Dust tight)

* USA: National Electrical Code (NEC); Canada: Canadian Electrical Code (CEC)


Material of construction (body)
316L stainless steel
Painted mild steel (Standard Expo colour RAL7035)
Material thickness
1.5 to 3mm depending on overall enclosure dimensions.
Dependent on certification required - see data sheets for more details
Form factor
Multi-compartment, complex
Window material
Polycarbonate or laminated glass depending on region & certification.
Ingress protection1
IP54, IP66, UL50E Type 4X
Seal material
Elastomer type compliant with certification
Door fasteners
Tool operate ¼ turn stainless steel
Available features
Multiple doors
Gland and access plates
Equipment backplates & custom mounting arrangements
19” rack facility
Swing frame
Custom plinths
HMI mounting (through door, pocket, lockable cover)
Sun-shade / rain hood
Insulation, cooling & heating solutions
Keyboard & Trackball
Purge system & accessories

Note 1: 4X certificates: USA: UL CY 1VE477372 / CAN: UL CY1V7 E477372


  • Fully custom enclosure project service for more challenging applications.
  • Solutions for low and high-temperature duty, internal source of release, high thermal loads
  • Full flexibility in enclosure configuration and dimensions to suit exact project requirements

Configure your product

Use our product configurator tool to build a system to your exact specification.