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Hazardous area solutions for large electric motors & generators

Expo Technologies is the world leader in protection systems for large electric motors and generators. With the largest installed base of any manufacturer, we are a trusted partner to most of the world’s leading manufacturers.

In line with all other electrical equipment used in hazardous areas, electric motors require certification using a recognised protection method.  

Flameproof/Explosion-proof (Ex d) construction is often used for small motors, but this is impractical and expensive to implement on large machines.

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Through design, large motors can have reduced risks of sparking or excessive temperatures. In these cases, certification as Increased Safety (Ex e) or Non-Sparking (Ex nA) is possible. All Ex e and Ex nA motors are required to be further assessed for possible air-gap sparking and may require additional measures, such as pre-start ventilation with air before start-up.

Alternatively for large uncertified motors, using a suitable purge and pressurisation system will allow the motor to achieve (Ex p) certification after a purge test by a Notified Body.

Expo offer a wide range of certified purge & pressurisation and pre-start ventilation systems suitable for all motor sizes and ambient temperatures. Follow the links below to find out more.

Motor Purge Systems