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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Mobile Ex p Enclosures


While fixed electrical control panels are a common feature in hazardous areas, some equipment, especially mobile service equipment, requires a special solution. This application note describes a project to adapt a portable oil cleaning system and develop a mobile, plug-and-play, purged and pressurised enclosure for use in Hazardous Areas ATEX/IECEx Zone 2.

Expo Solution

To enable an Ex p solution, the oil cleaning system is installed inside a custom designed moveable IP66 enclosure. The enclosure is designed in such a way as to give access for moving the machine in and out, as well as maintenance access to key components.

Although intended for use in a Zone 2 environment, the Expo enclosure is fitted with both an X-purge (Size 1) and MIU (dX) to provide improved operational security, especially in unmanned locations. 

Challenges and design considerations included:

  • Temperature – due to the presence of hot oil, it was necessary to add thermal insulation around the purification chamber. Additionally, a size 1 vortex cooler was fitted to provide cooling if required.
  • Some modifications were necessary to ensure closed volumes, such as the control box & transformer housing, were ventilated and able to be purged.
  • The motor fan was assessed to ensure it did not cause atmospheric ingress around nearby door seals.
  • Safety devices included thermostats for over-temperature shut off and a float switch to detect any oil overflow within the enclosure
  • The oil was not flammable within the normal operating parameters, so the was no Internal Source of Release to be considered.
Typical System
Hazardous Area Considerations

This specific project had the following requirements. However the application could be extended to Zone 1, Class I Div 1.

  • ATEX/IECEx: Zone 2 Gas group IIC
  • NEC500: Class I, Div 2 Gas groups B,C,D
  • T4 (135°C)
  • Tamb -20 to +55°C
What Expo Needs To Know
  • Equipment dimensions
  • Power requirements
  • External control signals / data lines
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Accessibility to operate
  • Accessibilty for servicing
  • Plug-and-play utility requirements

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