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Botanical Oil Extraction


Certified solutions for botanical oil extraction production lines



Botanical oil extraction is a multi-stage process that removes oils from solid plant matter by dissolving them in a solvent - the choice of solvent is dependent on the desired chemical composition of the oil. This process requires strict quality control and traceability of batch production when destined for human consumption. The extraction process takes place in a Class 1 Div 2 extraction room due to the use of combustible solvents, Butane and Propane.


Project Brief

The client uses a hydrocarbon extraction method to meet their need for a specific terpene content in their oil. Although this extraction method has many benefits due to the broad chemical spectrum  of the product, it requires careful management of the combustible solution.



The extraction room was designated as a Class 1 Div 2 area and required a certified process control cabinet and label printer for batch identification. The label printer needed to print labels without re-purging the enclosure or opening covers to access the printed labels.


Expo's Solution & Outcome

The control panel protection was achieved using an Expo Enclosure and Purge system. This allowed the client to place the control panel at the point of use, improving their workflow. After installation of the customers control equipment, the overall system was inspected and certified by an Expo consultant. 

The label printer solution allowed the use of a standard Zebra printer with an innovative sealing method to allow the label to pass through the enclosure wall without losing pressure or consuming large quantities of compressed air. 

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