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Custom purging systems for large land-based gas engine controls

hazardous area protection for gas engine control systems


Working with a leading energy systems company to develop a purged solution for upgrading gas engine control systems



The client is a leading manufacturer of systems in the marine and energy sectors. For a major underground natural gas storage project, they needed a certified solution to provide hazardous area protection for the control systems installed on the compressor drives.  


Project Brief

To develop an upgraded purged and pressurized solution for a number of sensing and control modules distributed around several large gas engines in an environment of high temperatures and vibration. 


  • High heat loads and vibration within the operating environment
  • Remote mounting of the purge system, with purge gas distributed in series across multiple control modules
  • Use of existing piping laid out by customer over significant distances
  • Limits to the maximum purge air pressure within any module

Based on the tried and tested MiniPurge platform, Expo designed a custom X purge system that would operate in continuous flow (CF) mode to provide the series purge capacity across the widely distributed control modules. The solution also utilised an enclosure over pressure sensor in place of the conventional relief valve (RLV), as this made balancing the pressures and flows across long pipe lengths much easier to achieve, thus reducing installation and testing time.


Expo products and services
  • Deep understanding of purge and pressurization and its application to series purged applications. To read more refer to our Application Note 
  • Custom design & engineering resulting in a bespoke OEM solution
  • Consultancy & Certification services to certify Expo's system and support the final certification of the completed installation.

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