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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Development of a Zone 1 CEMS analyser


Working with a leading manufacturer of process analysers to develop a Zone 1 CEMS solution using a safe area analyser. 



The client is a leading manufacturer of process analysers. In this case, the analyser was used to measure CO and CO2 content in effluent being vented to flare following a de-coking process and was an integral part of the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) of a large industrial complex in Thailand. The analyser was classified as Safe Area equipment but was required to be installed within a Zone 1 environment.


Project Brief

The client needed to bring a safe area gas analyser together with related electrical equipment into a purpose-built analyser cabinet. The cabinet itself was to be located in an analyser house which was classified ATEX Zone 1. 

The standard design of the gas analyser made it initially unsuitable for use in an Ex p Panel due to the internal enclosure ventilation requirements of the Purge & Pressurization standard BS EN 60079-2. Other protection methods such as Ex d or Ex e had been investigated, but were impractical due to either project time scales or cost constraints. 

The client chose to work with Expo Technologies as we were the only company with the detailed knowledge of BS EN 60079-2, the right engineering capabilities and a strong desire to solve the client's issue.   


  • Create the necessary ventilation for the enclosure to fit the requirements of BS EN 60079-2, and satisfy the Notified Body.
  • Keep modifications to a minimum in order to satisfy the customer. 
  • Partnering with a large multination company to customise sensitive equipment and managing information flow between continents during lockdown.   
  • Expo’s detailed understanding of analyser applications, purge flow requirements & trapped volume mitigation techniques enabled our engineers to produce a truly innovative solution. 
  • Ventilation to the analyser unit was improved through mechanical modifications that did not impact its function.  
  • Documentation was created to allow the customer to remotely sign off the solution prior to adjustments being made on their site. 


Expo products and services
  • Custom design & engineering resulting in a bespoke, but repeatable, OEM solution.
  • Automatic purge controller Mini X purge.
  • SS316L, IP66, Enclosure.
  • Consultancy & Certification services to certify Expo's system and support the final certification of the completed installation.

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