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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

Custom Purge Systems

Expo offers a wide range of standard purge system flow rates, configurations, and features.  Sometimes however, due to the nature of the customer’s project, our standard purge systems don’t quite match what is required. For instance, the application may be to purge very complex or delicate equipment or to operate in environments with non-standard ambient temperatures. 

With decades of experience in designing purge systems, as well as our extremely flexible MiniPurge and SmartPurge hardware platforms, we can work with customers to develop a fully certified custom purge system to exactly suit the end-use. 

Here are some examples of recent custom purge system projects:

Hazardous Area Robot Arm 


Project scope:

To develop a special purge system for a Universal Robotics robot arm for a painting application. 


  • Long purge paths with restrictive geometries, causing a significant pressure drop.
  • High leakage rates from articulated “knuckle” joints.  


Special certified high-pressure MiniPurge with an integral purge gas return loop. 


Solar Cell Processing Equipment

Project scope:

To develop a special purge system for a photovoltaic cell wet process tool with two separate purging functions.


  • Space limitations inside the process equipment.
  • Potentially corrosive & flammable environment.
  • Control interface with process tool software.


Twin MiniPurge systems on a custom chassis with Teflon process connections, system interlocks, and special purge flow measurement.

Configure your product

Use our product configurator tool to build a system to your exact specification.


Got a question?

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