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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

OEM systems

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) approaching hazardous area opportunities typically have a choice:  to develop products from the ground up to comply with regulations and standards in their chosen markets, or adapt existing products. In the latter case, purge and pressurization (Ex p) is often the best protection option, and this is where Expo can help, through the development of a suitable purge system or a purged enclosure.
Our hazardous area consultants work with your engineers to develop the best Ex p solution, and advise the optimum approach to certification. In some cases, Expo can certify the complete system, alternatively, we can help you build the technical documentation necessary for submittal to a Notified Body.
For volume production Expo can supply the purge systems on a “white label” basis, allowing them to be sold by the OEM under their brand.
One of the applications we most frequently see is for gas or liquid analysers. This often requires a custom solution, especially if the sample itself is flammable. Expo has developed wide experience and deep knowledge in this area over many projects. You can read more here
 Typical applications for Expo products include:
  • Custom purge systems for packaged equipment, such as gas and liquid analysers, robots, and vacuum pumps
  • Ex p enclosures for instrumentation, gas analysers, and computer systems    
  • Mobile enclosures for portable equipment, such as data loggers or specialist service equipment 

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