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Simplifying Complexity. Delivering Safety.
Simplifying Complexity.
Delivering Safety.

MiniPurge Type Z(Y)

IECEx, ATEX & UL certified purge and pressurization systems for Zone 2, Class I Div 2 applications


  • Global approvals
  • Purge flow capacity up to 900 Nl/min
  • Leakage Compensation or Continuous Flow
  • Stainless steel enclosure construction

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Expo’s Minipurge type Z range provides a full purge and pressurization solution for electrical enclosures and other equipment installed in Zone 2 or Class I Div 2 hazardous environments. Physically the same, Y purge systems are for use in Zone 1 / Class I Div 1 hazardous environments where the equipment to be protected already carries Zone 2 or Class I Div 2 certification. 

With a range of flow capacities up to 900 Nl/min, the systems are suitable for large enclosures up to 5.4m3 volume. Expo also supply customised purge systems to suit higher flow rates. Y and Z purges are manually operated, with the user responsible for ensuring that the purge is carried out for the specified time. 
Two configurations are available – Leakage Compensation (LC) and Continuous Flow (CF).

The system comprises: 

  • Control Unit (CU) – The CU contains the pneumatic logic to monitor and control air flow and pressure, and provides the system outputs. 

  • Relief Valve (RLV) – For systems with the LC configuration, the RLV measures purge flow at the outlet and provides over-pressure protection for the enclosure. For CF systems, the RLV provides over-pressure protection only 

  • Spark Arrestor Unit (SAU) – For CF systems only, the SAU provides an outlet for the continuous flow of purge gas and provides flow measurement. 


Air Inlet
Instrument quality air, 4-8 barg
Purge flow rate
Size 1 – up to 225 NI/min
Size 2 - up to 450 NI/min
Size 3 – up to 900 Nl/min
Purge mode
Leakage compensation (LC) or Continuous Flow (CF) options
Purge timer
Manually controlled
Signal Outputs
Low pressure alarm Options: IS outputs, pneumatic outputs

* Not all certifications apply to all system variants. Check the specific Operating & Maintenance Manual for details.